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PROVIZOR group includes  several enterprises  operating in the sector of healthcare.

Provizor LTD is  a  drug  and medical  products  importer. A half of all pharmaceutical and medical products  imported  to  the republic   is delivered  by Provizor LTD.  The leading manufactures and  distributors of CIS, Baltic, Europe and Asia  are  company’s   main  suppliers.

Provizor.com  LTD is an  operator of logistics   at  the local pharmaceutical market  of Transdniestria. Company’s up-to-date  warehouse complex is  still one of the  biggest in the republic.  Duly organized business processes  and  its own  auto park allow  carry out  routine shipments  of  medical products  to any  region of Transdniestria.

Drug stores  being  a part of  Provizor group make  “World of Health“ Alliance which makes it possible to follow  unified  marketing and pricing  policy, introduce new  products for health and  beauty   to the  market, implement  new standards of  drug store service.

In the town of  Bender company’s  drug stores  operate  under PROVIZOR trade name.  The network  of 35 pharmaceutical institutions has a diverse  client base covering  all the  town  districts and is very popular with the townspeople.

Drug store network participated at the  Fifth Transdniestrian Quality  Contest  - 2007 and won in the “Drugstore Service” nomination.

Furthermore,  Provizor drug store network  has become  a winner of “Bender Brand”  Contest held  as a part of  600th Anniversary of Bender celebrations.

Provizor retail enterprises operating  in Tiraspol, Rybnitsa, Dubosary, Dnestrovs, Slobodzeya  are  known under  First  Aid trade mark. It took no more than one  year to unite  the   drug stores under  this  single brand.  At present the network  consists of 35 drug stores  situated in the busiest places and  business centre of cities.

Askorbinka Ltd drugstore has been  working  in the  most northern  town  of our  republic. The drugstore provides good sales  and income  to the company in the Kamenka town and region.

Eurooptics, eyesight improvement optical centre opened in 2009   is a new project  of the company.  The center  with  the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment has no analogues in Transdniestria! At present the network consists of 8 optics situated in the busiest places and business centre of cities.

CONTACTS: info@provizor.com

                  +373 552 22005

                  +373 552 21206

                   Moldova, 3200, Bendery, Lenin Str, 25 A

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